We Recommend TAPTECH Massager to:
Housewives who do hard housework
Workers who are tired and fatiqued
Sportsmen whose muscles are stiffened and bodies are tired
Examinees who need body strength and rest
Shoulder & Back Massage
  Strong Massaging effects commercial grade solenoids allow a deep, penetrating massage that typical vibrations can not provide. Convenience TAPTECH is very simple and easy to use. Just place it anywhere on desired areas by using the handle rings.
Waist & Calf Massage
  Waist massage TAPTECH is an excellent back massager as well. Simply let the unit slide down your back while holding on to the handles. Calf massage TAPTECH gives an excellent Calf massage. Just place it on sofa or floor and let your calves rest on the unit.
Foot Massage
  Foot massage TAPTECH can be used as a foot massage by placing it on the carpet floor. A refreshing massage virtually anywhere on the body. Just Place it gently on the desired areas and relax.

Make sure electrical power source matches with the voltage on the unit prior to plugging the unit on.
with internal disorders or pregnant woman need to consult a doctor before using any type of
massaging device.
Recommended duration of usage is 5 minutes per session. Recommended usage in a
particular area of body
is 5 minutes each. Do not use this product for any other means other than for
massaging purposes.
Do not use or store this product in bathroom or any other humid areas to avoid possible electric shock
damage to unit. Do not use this product on head, elbows, knees and other body or fragile parts of
the body.
The strong pulsing of the solenoids can lead to injury on non muscular areas. After use, always
turn off the unit
and store unplugged in a cool, dry place. Do not wash the product. Do not attempt to take
apart, fix, or upgrade
the performance of the massager, any tampering will void the warranty.

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